Art FAQ's

You might have a few questions about our coastal inspired art?

What is the company name on my invoice and/or credit card statement? 

When you purchase products from us, your credit card and invoice receipt will be from Beckon Pty Ltd who is the company for Susie Hambleton. 

What size does your original art come in?

Our original art comes in many shapes and sizes in both fine art paper and fine art canvas.

Common sizes are: 

  1. A3 paper, 297x420mm, 29.7x12 cm, 11.7x16.5 inches

  2. A2 paper, 420x594mm 

  3. Larger custom art pieces are available depending on availability up to 2 metres on canvas

We use 100% cotton paper by Arches, usually and at times professional canvas. There are always exceptions due to availability. We use both smooth and rough papers from 185 GSM to 300 GSM. There are always variations. The one constant, is using professional fine art grade materials in the making and designing. 

What size do your prints on paper and canvas come in?

Art Reproductions - Standard Sizes in Australia and New Zealand

The standard art reproduction sizes in Australian and New Zealand is in the following centimetre (cm/British sizing) : 

  1. Sample Size - A5 

  2. A4 

  3. A3 

  4. A2 - Small

  5. A1 - Medium 

  6. A0 - Large

  7. Custom fine art size

  8. Custom size up to 1.4 metre x 2 metre depending on the size of the original design

Art Reproduction Sizes in the USA

The standard art reproduction sizes in the USA (if printed in our Honolulu, Hawaii location) is the following inches (in American sizing). This sizing can be requested for Australia but is a custom order. Sometimes stretching the canvas in the USA is easier if completed in USA canvas sizing. 

  1. Sample Size 5 x 7

  2. 8 x10 only in sets a minimum order applies

  3. 18 x 24 - Small

  4. 24 x 36 - Medium 

  5. 36 x 48 - Large

  6. 40 x 60 - Custom oversize

  7. Custom sizes up to 58 inches on the short side x custom long length depending on the original design size

Is the art ready to hang when it is shipped or is it rolled?

All our art is shipped rolled as a standard or flat for small pieces when appropriate as of October 2021. We are moving to have an option of having your pieces stretched and framed for Australian customers only. 

If you are in the USA including outlying islands, or Caribbean your art will ship rolled. 

What do I do with my rolled art when I get it?

It is recommended once you receive your art, you take it to a quality local framer to either have your art framed if it is fine art paper, or have it stretched on "bars"if it is canvas. 

Is your art and designs hand painted? 

Our art is hand made, and hand painted using the best professional papers, canvas, pencils, pens and paint. We use a variety of methods and mediums.

The reason we can offer a variety of sizes across multiple countries to suit designer interiors, is because our orginal art is photographed and/or scanned by professional art experts, and then goes through the reproduction process. We work with very highly trained and gifted fine art specialists. Our reproduction art is often hard to tell it is not an original. 

Originals are available. Please contact us directly.

Will my art be signed? 

Most of our art in the current collection is an "open edition" and not signed. Sometimes the original is signed, then it is in the reproduction. Sometimes, depending on the piece a digital signature of Susie's is included. 

All original art is signed. It is usually signed in pencil or light pen as Susie doesn't like to mark in a way that takes away from the design intent. 

Where do you ship to? 

We supply art to Australia, New Zealand the the USA. 

If you are in another location, please contact us to chat about your art needs.

Where is your art made? 

Made in Australia

Susie Hambleton primarily paints the original art in Australia. The art is prepared for reproduction in Queensland, Australia by leading art specalists and teams of people to get it fine art ready after it is hand painted, using professional photographic and scan methods. 

Made in the USA is possible, but is a custom order

Due to an increase in enquiries from the USA, we are now pleased to offer printing in Honolulu, Hawaii with shipping direct to the mainland USA.

What is your shipping cost? 

Depending on your location shipping varies. Please get in touch if you need a quote. 


Can you ship to a P.O. Box? 

No, we require a fixed address to ship your art to. 

What if I change my mind? Do you accept returns? 

All of our art is made to order. We don't accept returns if you change your mind. 

How long does it take to receive my art order? Where is your art made?

Reproduction art is usually made to order in Queensland, Australia. It is sometimes made to order in Hawaii. 

Usual Timeframes (Pre-Covid)

  • Please allow up to 14 days for your art to be "made." 

  • Then allow another 2-3 weeks for shipping depending on your location. We will keep you updated on your art order. 

Delivery Times as of November 1, 2021

  • Please allow 3 weeks for delivery to the USA
  • Please allow 1 week for delivery within Australia
  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery to New Zealand